01-05 JN

International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

Québec Canada


June 03, 2016, 19:30 - 21:55
Nonotak presents Shiro - North American premiere: 20:25 - 21:05
Visual artist Noemi Schipfer and musician-architect Takami Nakamoto
Geometric, architectural collisions of light and sound; audiovisual installations that explore (and push past) the limits of human perception
Nonotak began as a project commissioned by French architects Bigoni-Mortemard to design a lobby mural for public housing in Paris; since then, their work has shown at some of the most prestigious art festivals and galleries worldwide
San Francisco: 2018 Buenos Aires: 2017 Montreal: 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014 Barcelona: 2015 Mexico: 2015, 2018

WHO: French-Japanese audiovisual performance duo Nonotak: artist Noemi Schipfer and musician, producer and architect Takami Nakamoto
STYLE: Melodic glitchy experimental techno, projection mapped images on multi screen geometric structures
LATEST WORK: Performance Shiro (2016), kinetic installation _Narcisse V.1. (2016), A/V show Versus (2015)
MORE: Takami Nakamoto teamed up with drummer Sebastien Benoits for Reflections, a highly physical performance of post-hardcore electronica augmented by strobes, LEDs, fog and 32 light bars on mic stands
MUTEKs: Montréal: 2014; Barcelona: 2015; Takami Nakamoto and drummer Sebastien Benoits at Montréal: 2015

Nonotak creates dazzling visual art installations that come alive in performance, fusing electronic music, strobe-lit, shadow-strewn lighting design, and multiple screens built into structures that surround the artists. Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto blur virtual and real in hypnotic performances with names like Daydream, Isotopes and Dream Collapse, crafting a universe of interactive sound and light metamorphosis that envelops not only the artists but audiences.

From a 2011 commission by the Architect Bigoni-Mortemard for a mural in the lobby of a public housing building in Paris, Nonotak evolved into working on ethereal and immersive light and sound installations – with Nakamoto focused on space and sound concerns and Schipfer in control of the kinetic visuals. Beginning at the Mapping Festival in 2013 with Isotopes V2, provoked by the Fukushima disaster, they expanded their unique approach to A/V to involve more physicality and complexity of technology, architecture and concept.

After performing Late Speculation, a triangular light box structure and improvised audiovisual project at MUTEK in 2014 and a lauded run of their immersive audiovisual installation Versus at Montréal’s SAT 360-degree surround-sound-and-screen dome in late 2015, Nonotak returns to MUTEK with a new performance, Shiro, an audiovisual spectacle of experimental techno meshed with interplays of shadow and light across four transparent screens and the performers’ bodies.

Nonotak is a 2016 participant of the SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, which is supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.


Produced with the support of Arcadi Île-de-France / Biennale Némo.


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