01-05 JN

International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

Québec Canada

Maayan Nidam IL/DE

MÉTROPOLIS 2 presented by Red Bull Music Academy
June 04, 2016, 23:00 - 06:00
Live - North American premiere: 00:05 - 01:05
Tel Aviv-born Berlin-based DJ and producer Maayan Nidam, also known as Miss Fitz, Laverne Radix and Spunky Brewster
Trippy techno, mystical funk grooves, woolly bass
Perlon, Cadenza Records, Wolf + Lamb
"Sea of See" (Perlon, 2018)
Maayan has released music on Perlon, трип, Cadenza or Wolf+Lamb
Montreal, 2016
XLR8R - Podcast

WHO: Tel Aviv-born Berlin-based DJ and producer Maayan Nidam, also known as Miss Fitz and Laverne Radix; accompanied by Berlin-born, Cologne-based artist Julia König, also known as Lotti Hirsch and part of team titanic collective
STYLE: Trippy techno, mystical funk grooves, woolly bass, body music infused with idiomatic gambles and speech synthesis
LATEST: Maayan Nidam / Laverne Radix - Split ‎12" (2014), Julia König – Tangible Memorial installed at The Future of Visions (EMAF 2016)
LABELS: Perlon, Cadenza, Wolf + Lamb Music, трип
MORE: Nidam recently unveiled pared down live techno tracks on the premier of Nina Kraviz’s BBC1 Residency.

Maayan Nidam’s music makes an authentic claim to diversity: growing up in Tel Aviv, Mediterranean, Jewish, Arabic and Eastern European traditional song wafted through the air alongside pop hits and rock ballads; youthful world travels added more layers to the mix, bringing her to Berlin’s underground clubs, where her global sensibility took root in techno.

A club native tuned into the crowd, Nidam not only finds inspiration among her surroundings and numerous contemporaries, but in her own surreal sound laced dreams and the enigmatic possibilities of her machines and instruments. DJing and producing undulating techno with smart, unexpected flourishes and cherished samples since the late 90s, she’s recorded under her various monikers, only debuting under her own name with a jazz inflected album on Japan’s Powershovel Audio in 2009. Nidam also collaborates fearlessly with Frankfurt-based Vera Heindel as DJ/production duo Mara Trax, exploiting their shared love for old school funked out house grooves. She’s also spent time in krautrock band The Waves & Us, worked with Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves as Uli Künkel, and continues to curate the Kicks — her live-jam record sessions with Alex Picone.

Julia König gained attention for her visual performances, drawing inspiration from commercial stock imagery, remote corners of the net and the technological interfaces of our daily lives. She expanded her practice into sound exploration and sampling and her recent work delves into automated speech recognition and voice synthesis with a text-to-speech choir.

Known for clever, hip-shaking DJ sets and her "space monkeys unite!" nights at Berlin’s Watergate and Arena Club, Nidam teams up with König in an inventive live show for MUTEK, crafting a trippy, celestial soundtrack laced with floor moving beats. Her music moves us through time and space, past local attractions where König’s vocalized text turns daily data, weather forecasts, brand names and lost memories into a souvenir of our species.


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