01-05 JN

International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

Québec Canada

Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig CA

NOCTURNE 2: In collaboration with THUMP
June 02, 2016, 21:00 - 01:45
Live: 00:05 - 00:35
Mix Acte Montréal

WHO: Montréal-based trio of musicians and producers Karl Fousek, Devon Hansen and Roger Tellier-Craig
STYLE: A fusion of complex timbres, precise drone and nuanced percussion, modular synths meet live laptop performance
LATEST WORK: Fousek: KLANG (2015) and Pattern Variation (2015), Fousek and Hansen: Four Way Split #1 (2015), Hansen as Stefan Jós: Primitives (2015), Tellier-Craig: Visites Possibles and Sightings: Music for the videos of Sabrina Ratté (2015)
LABELS: Where to Now?, Phinery Tapes
MORE: Tellier-Craig builds intriguing A/V performances with visual artist Sabrina Ratté as Le Révélateur. Hansen is one of the organizers behind Montréal music collective ACTE, with Simon Chioini, Gabriel Ledoux, Philippe Vandal and Kara-Lis Coverdale. Fousek and Hansen performed in Montréal’s Akousma festival-affiliated Soundwich series.
MUTEKs: Hansen as Stefan Jós at Montréal 2015, Tellier-Craig as La Révélateur at Montréal: 2012, 2013; MUTEK.MX 2012; MUTEK 15 X 15 2014; Digital Québec in London 2015

Three distinct approaches to electronic music collide in collaborative project Fousek/Hansen/Tellier-Craig, fusing Karl Fousek’s FM synthesis, Devon Hansen’s detailed approach to drone and processed percussion and the unmistakable sounds of Roger Tellier-Craig’s hybrid laptop/modular rig. Together, they draw on ingenious musical dexterity and experience to craft improvised soundscapes and rhythmic intrigue.

Electronic musician and sound artist Karl Fousek focuses his work on analogue voltage controlled modular synthesizers, in collaboration with like-minded minimalist electronic artists, or harnessing his individually inventive forces in solo releases. California-born producer and video artist Devon Hansen is also known as d. hansen for his experimental and acousmatic compositions and Stefan Jós, a minimal techno beatmaker. Tellier-Craig prolifically composes solo electronic material and has played with prominent post-rock Canadian bands Fly Pan Am, Et Sans, Pas Chic Chic and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Though newly formed, the trio of well known entities has already played several shows in Montréal’s experimental electronic underground community, including the Island Frequencies series. Fousek/Hansen/Tellier-Craig presents a new improvised live set developed exclusively for their MUTEK debut.


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