01-05 JN

International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

Québec Canada CA/QC

June 01, 2016, 21:00 - 03:00
Live: 21:00 - 22:00

WHO: Montreal-based art and media collective: Teodoro Zamudio (also known for T), Xavier León (Witnessing) and Milo Reinhardt (/||\||\)
STYLE: Hybrid ambient, techno and bass experiments fused with experimental audiovisual art
LATEST: /||\||\ – Dimensions of Hell (2016) Witnessing – Redivision (2015)
MORE: Redbull Music Academy Alumni
MUTEKs: Sibian & Faun: Montréal 2012, Xavier León: Montréal 2014, /||\||\: Montréal 2015

Founded on a concept that ties experimental electronic music and new media art into an evolving critical discourse on interactive media, cyberculture and augmented reality, Montréal collective constructs an experimental electronic landscape for sound and visuals to live, thrive and unravel in.

Intent on refracting and reshaping the ever-increasing crush of data that shapes our lives,’s immersive audiovisual environments shift perspectives on music and art, while underscoring a trajectory toward interconnected, multipersonal digital works. Working as a dynamic team, the trio assert their individuality while forging cohesive, social, evolving identities across several media fields. It’s out of this collaborative context and deconstructionist tension that the collective’s art truly takes form.

The collective’s members bring multiple disciplines into the fray. Producer, composer and sound artist Xavier León recently released music under the name Witnessing and currently studies electroacoustics at Concordia University while also running a music studio for youth with a local non-profit organization. Multidisciplinary artist and producer Milo Reinhardt is also known as /||\||\ and as one half of duo Sibian & Faun. He’s participated in a Red Bull Music Academy residency, works in audiovisual installation, immersive sound composition and environments, interactivity and projection mapping, and studies Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice at Concordia, researching Digital Death in contemporary art. And Mexican-born multidisciplinary artist and designer Teodoro Zamudio, cofounder of design firm Freyja & Zamudio, has shown work at the Mexico Museo Tamayo 15th Biennial and creates identities and branding for international businesses, organizations and prominent artists within the electronic music community.

The artists of return to MUTEK for a live opening night A/V performance, elaborating on their MUTEK 2015 debut of /||\||\’s Dimensions of Hell to merge deep atmospherics, tightly synchronized visuals and a futuristic pallet of driving percussion.


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