01-05 JN

International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

Québec Canada

Spatial UK

NOCTURNE 4: In collaboration with Bloc.
June 04, 2016, 21:30 - 03:00
Live: 00:12 - 01:12
Broken 20, Infrasonics, Niche 'N Bump, Schmorgasbord, Stillcold Records, Ultramajic, Well Rounded Records, WNCL Recordings

WHO: London-based musician, producer, DJ and multimedia artist Matt Spendlove
STYLE: Post industrial post dubstep bass, technoid garage hybrid
LATEST WORK: Emergence #2 (2016), Emergence #1 (2015), Primitives (2015)
LABELS: Infrasonics, Ultramajic, Broken20, Stillcold Records, Well Rounded Records, Niche & Bump, WNCL
MORE: Co-organizes and co-directs Cenatus (with Andi Studer), a web design and creative production organization promoting new music and digital technologies, and the Netaudio festival

An unconventional artist in the turbulent realm of bass music, Spatial approaches low frequency vibrations with a minimalist’s scalpel, carving out space for snare grooves and tech house glitches.

As the UK dubstep scene raged on in the late 2000s, Spatial offered a welcome subversion: a minimalist techno aesthetic that invoked mutated ravey synths and garage drum patterns. His series of 10” releases on his new Infrasonics imprint almost instantly sold out. By 2012, Spatial travelled further into deconstructed dub, augmenting his technical rhythms with playful melodic hooks, layered vocal samples and punchy synths. He soon added impulsive dance minded techno to the mix in a release on Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic label, following that into abstract scattered groove experiments without losing the low end.

In 2012, Spatial moved outside the club realm with his home coded opti-sonic performance and installation Primitives, a project he’s continued to alter and present at festivals. He followed that with last year's Breaching Transmissions, an audiovisual collaboration with expanded cinema artist Sally Golding. The influence of his A/V explorations into repetition and chaos is obvious on his latest releases, the Emergence series of 12”s: conceptual and detailed minimalist drone-and-bass tracks augmented by generative visual designs online. Spatial’s live set at MUTEK spans purely abstract material to lead into rhythmic elements shaded by an industrial heaviness and techno eccentricities.

Spatial is a 2016 participant of the SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, which is supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.


Presented in collaboration with MoTA - Museum for Transitory Art and SONICA Festival.


Photo by Richard Stow/Dizco.


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