01-05 JN

International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

Québec Canada



MUTEK further taps into its global network to present exclusive North American performances in collaboration with the European SHAPE project, supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. Every year, the 16 members of SHAPE (an acronym for Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe) curate an amazing array of artists who represent the leading edge of audiovisual, sound and contemporary electronic music. This programming at MUTEK opens a window directly onto the current European experimental and avant garde electronic scenes, from London to Bucharest. For the very first and only time, no less than 9 must-see artists will come to Montréal via SHAPE’s curatorial platform, which includes high profile, boundary pushing European festivals like Krakow’s Unsound and Berlin’s CTM.

The platform was formed by members of ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound) – a global network of independent non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing sound cultures, music and related arts.

The SHAPE artists who will be playing at MUTEK 2016 are:
> Swedish electronic producer PEDER MANNERFELT, also known as The Subliminal Kid and one half of analog electronics duo Roll the Dice, introduces us to his range of groove conscious minimal techno, precise cinematic compositions and exploratory sound.
> Brussels-based Belgian producer Laurent Baudoux, also known as Sun OK Papi K.O. and in Electrosold Collectif (with Mouse on Mars’ Jan St. Werner) comes to MUTEK as LAWRENCE LE DOUX, playing his wobbly deep and tech house styles on Sunday night.
> Paris-based producer and Warp Records artist JACKSON shows us what his tailor made instruments can do in experimental sound and light performance, Light Metal Music.
> French-Japanese duo NONOTAK return to the festival with Shiro, a four screen audiovisual performance of experimental techno meshed with interplaying shadow and light.
> Prague-based Mexican producer, musician and multimedia artist LAURA LUNA experiments in emotive minimalist compositions where lo fi meets high tech electro.
> Italian producer, musician and composer LORENZO SENNI deconstructs trance into abstract compositional electro and experimental, fractured sound.
> Polish group T'IEN LAI mixes live percussion, electronics and a chaos of musical styles into a controlled rhythmic entity.
> British artist SPATIAL contributes  his bass heavy, post-rave beat inclinations. While, Swiss-born.
> Nepalese-Indian artist AÏSHA DEVI takes pages from Bangladeshi poetry, physics and bass music to make provocative metaphysical intercultural dance music.


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