01-05 JN

International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

Québec Canada

Ecoresponsability at MUTEK 2016

In the past few years MUTEK has taken part in sustainable development initiatives in order to reduce our environmental impact and to encourage participants to focus on eco and social responsibility.

Building on its precedent editions, MUTEK 2016 will include the following initiatives:

- Development of a festival App to reduce our use of paper (no printed catalog);
- Use of ECOCUPs at MUTEK 2016 bars at MAC to reduce the use of single-use containers;
- Water taps to minimize water bottle sales;
- Recycling equipment at all venues;
- Promotion of local companies and of public transportation options on the Tourism page on the website;
- Collaboration with Coop Les Valoristes to collect and separate triageall beverage containers after the events (new in 2016).

In addition, this year, when buying any of the available PASSES, you can choose to add $10 or $25 (+taxes) to transform it into an ÉCOPASS. MUTEK will double your donation and put it towards Planetair, a Montréal-based nonprofit supplier of high quality carbon offsets. Credits will be invested in the Montréal Metropolitan Area Afforestation Project. This project aims to reforest damaged and unused land in urban and semi-urban areas and to rehabilitate forest ecosystems and create parks. Our objective for the festival is to reach carbon neutrality through offsets.

Launched by the Unisféra International Centre and gold standard certified, Planetair was created to support individuals, businesses and organizations seeking to evaluate, reduce and offset their ecological footprint and especially their climate impact.

In 2014, MUTEK has teamed up with the TRIBU club, a project developed by Tourisme Montréal. A gathering of several companies within the sustainable development community, TRIBU educates and consults with organizations to facilitate new projects.


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