international festival
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Édition 18

Max Cooper & Maotik UK/CA

SATOSPHÈRE 2: Hyperform
August 23, 2017, 19:00 - 20:00
Hyperform - Satosphère - World premiere: 19:00 - 20:00
British producer and DJ Max Cooper and Montréal-based digital artist Mathieu Le Sourd
360º immersive audiovisual experience, amplified spatial forms linked to rhythmic excursions
Traum Schallplatten
Max Cooper: Émergence (2017); Maotik: AERYON (2017), FLOW (2016), Light Sowers (2016), Omnis (2016)
Max Cooper also presents his live A/V project Emergence this edtion.
Max Cooper - Montréal: 2014; Japan: 2016; Maotik -Montréal: 2015, 2014 with Metametric, Bogota: 2015
Website Max Cooper
Website Maotik

Stationed at the collective edge of mathematics, science, visual and audio arts, Hyperform brings strange new realities into being: organic spatial forms progress from simple shapes and sounds into gorgeous, perception-altering abstractions. A demonstration of the principles of spatiality and a glimpse into nature's deepest realms, Hyperform mines a range of settings selected by probability, forging a unique and intimate experience.

Max Cooper has experimented as often with the dance floor as he has with abstract multimedia projects over the past two decades, blending innovative musicality with a scientific and technological curiosity linked to his PhD in computational biology. As Maotik, Mathieu Le Sourd designs his own visual tools to generate animations from algorithms, creating 3D worlds abstract enough for deep daydreaming and free interpretation. Among his large-scale multimedia projects are Moment Factory's immersive installations in the new L.A. airport terminal, his sensory poetic study of speed in Dromos, the playful Flow built on the science of sea levels and moon-affected tides and his latest, Aeryon, an artistic interpretation of surveillance drone vision.

Cooper and Maotik reshape Hyperform's modular architecture for the 360º Satosphère dome, engulfing the audience in hyper-dimensional sound and imagery set to change our experiences of space and time.

The SATOSPHÈRE series is presented by the Society for Arts and Technology and is not included in the MUTEK PASSES.
PASSPORT and WEEKEND PASS holders are eligible however, for a discount of 20% on tickets for these events.


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