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Édition 18

Helm UK

Don’t Assume: NTS Radio On Stage 2
August 26, 2017, 21:00 - 00:52
Live: 23:50 - 00:50
Experimental musician Luke Younger and Alter label boss
Brooding dark ambient soundscapes, unsettling cinematic experimental drone
PAN, Opal Tapes, Alter
Rawabet (2017)
Collaborated with Embassy For The Displaced and ScanLAB Projects on an A/V installation Where Land Meets Sea, a project documenting displacement and refugees in crisis.
You Tube
FACT Interview
Pitchfork Olympic Mess Review
Boiler Room

Helm's soundscapes have been described as thriving on the tension between shadows and shimmer: brooding, loop-based compositions that tease the boundaries of dark ambient, drone, industrial and acousmatic sound, without ever committing to any of them. Complex and emotional work, his music unleashes effects that produce both discomfort and redemption.

Active on the UK noise circuit from the mid to late 00s, Luke Younger was in the duo Birds of Delay with Steven Warwick (of Heatsick), releasing on Hospital and Not Not Fun. Younger reconnected with electronic music while studying for a degree in Sonic Arts at Middlesex University, whose notable alumni include peers such as Lee Gamble and Bibio. Helm emerged on CDRs and cassettes circa 2006, but it was only in 2014 that he embraced a musical career full-time. Now closely associated with the progressive, multi-disciplinary, Berlin-based PAN label over multiple releases, his expanding art operations and conceptual concerns mirror many of the label's own. His recent project Where Land Meets Sea is a multi-media collaboration with several organizations involved in humanitarian and technological fields, specifically documenting the plight of refugees entering Europe via the Greek Island Lesvos. Existing as both an installation and a live audiovisual performance it's a moving and human work — and an area of engagement he's interested in developing further.

Equally at ease in front of electronic, noise and punk audiences, Helm strolls into MUTEK as part of an NTS Radio showcase and broadcast, offering a set stacked in strobes and fog, fender amps and feels.

Presented by NTS Radio with the support of Arts Council England.


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