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Édition 18

Anthony Child UK

Red Bull Music Academy presents NOCTURNE 3: Drone Activity in Progress
August 24, 2017, 21:00 - 01:45
Experimental Drone Set - Live - World premiere: 22:40 - 23:40
British electronic musician Anthony Child, better known as Surgeon, one half of punk-techno duo British Murder Boys with Regis and TRADE with Blawan
Experimental atmospheric techno, raw drones, altered field recordings
Editions Mego, Dynamic Tension Records, Tresor, Counterbalance, Frequency Domain
Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol 2 (2016), You Have Already Surrendered Your Total Will (2016), Behind the Lids (2016, with Gnod)
Called the finest techno DJ in the world by FACT magazine; performs live as Surgeon with Lady Starlight on MUTEK's heavy techno Friday night
The Quietus
Resident advisor

Tropical field recordings seep into unadorned drones and arpeggiated bass as Anthony Child fractionally separates himself from the pure driving techno of his Surgeon moniker, channeling another side of his nature as he manipulates organic and synthetic structures into a new cosmos just beyond reach. Seemingly symbiotically linked to his modular synth and still uninterested in genre limitations, Child interrogates sound through circuitous experimentation, taking us on an expedition in tonal close listening.

As Surgeon, he's one of the biggest names in ingenious techno, an agile DJ and versatile producer on Ableton and on cutting-edge hardware – yet he says it all began with tape recorders in the 90s, fervently splicing up reel-to-reel recordings into compositions made on instinct, conjuring music from personal reactions and reverb. Child's most recent recordings step away from Surgeon's inventive dub-space and famed remixes, emerging straight out of the jungles of Maui, where he plugged in his Buchla Music Easel, sat back and played. Layering his emotional and inherently musical responses with recordings of the natural environment, Child composes fixed moments in time into perpetual waves of deep listening. A recent collaboration with band Gnod sends Child's modular synth strata into pulsating psychedelia.

Child's new live set for MUTEK draws on recent solo recordings while expanding into improvised territory, kicking over the goalposts of techno to expose sound's dark hiding places and unexpected forms.


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