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Édition 18

Loose Excursions CA

Don’t Assume: NTS Radio On Stage 1
August 25, 2017, 21:00 - 02:50
Live: 22:50 - 23:50
Live performance and DJ duo of Montréal producers Jeanne Gariépy, also known as Gene Tellem and Buck Smith, and Gabriel Reichhold, also known as Gab Rei and bisso
Deep techno explorations, dub-affectionate spontaneous analog compositions, ethereal melodies
Mixes radio bihebdomadaires sur
The duo's 2016 Choice Mix for Red Bull Radio explored the oblique axis of techno through an hour-long live hardware jam.
RBMA Radio

Techno, house, dub and ambient variations fuse as obliquely as Loose Excursions' moniker suggests – euphonic, groovy and smart, they ride their machines through looping and variable rhythmic territories to arrive at deeply musical destinations.

Loose Excursions pairs Jeanne Gariépy's alter-egos with Gabriel Rei's ambient synth and sampler explorations. A veteran of the local scene and handy with vinyl, Gariépy has been a stalwart selector traversing the house-techno divide, with numerous online mixes to her credit. Also a DJ, Reichhold and Gariépy have been joining mixing forces for several years now, frequently folding in their original work with machines. The two artists also DJ and improvise regularly on their Loose Excursions show for Montréal online radio station, based out of indie label Arbutus Records' headquarters and inspired by Berlin Community Radio and London's NTS. Chunks of techno, dub, house and from around the world crop up in Loose Excursions' mixes, while their live performances balance analogue sounds and looping melodies with rhythmic undercurrents that erupt vivaciously as their narratives unfold.

Loose Excursions brings their live machine-jams to the NTS radio showcase for a nuanced set of captivating rhythms and improvised electronic tangents.


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