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Édition 18

Regina Greene - Front Porch Productions US

Panel: Secret Agency
August 24, 2017, 13:00 - 14:15
IMG: 13:00 - 14:15
Front Porch Productions

Regina Greene is the owner and director of Front Porch Productions, a boutique artist representation agency primarily focused on live music production and booking. Greene founded Front Porch Productions in 2006 after several years working with another small-scale agency. She has a unique take on artist live representation stemming from her deep experience working as an in-house booker and show producer at a small experimental venue. She also worked as an artist liaison at various festivals (Pitchfork Festival, Mountain Oasis, Moog Festival). She gained plenty of field experience through the management and production of composer Rhys Chatham's orchestras of 100 to 200+ guitars.

Front Porch is based in the United States, but primarily represents international artists, and the agency books and presents events all throughout the world. Greene's work focuses on avant-garde, experimental, and roots-based composers, musicians, and artists, covering musical styles from electronic to minimalism, dark ambient, club, metal, no-wave/punk, and improv. Known for taking on challenging performance productions and alternative touring situations, reunion tours, etc, Front Porch puts a great deal of effort into finding unique and sometimes unorthodox performance locations and venues, challenging the audience experience and pushing the live show to another level. Greene also represents many of her artists through commission-scouting and deals, licensing agreements, and the negotiation and production of album releases, emphasizing artist professional development and career sustainability.


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