international festival
of digital creativity
and electronic music
Édition 18

MUTEK presents an international audiovisual creation contest as part of the 18th edition of its festival. The call for submissions is now closed. Participants were asked to produce an original audiovisual composition that could not exceed 3 minutes.

The rules and procedures of the contest are detailed here

The jury is comprised of Patti Schmidt (MUTEK), Vincent Lemieux (MUTEK), Patrick Trudeau (audiovisual artist, Diagraf) and Chris Salter (artist, Concordia University Research Chair in New media, Technology and the Senses, Co-Director, Hexagram). The jury chose the 5 finalists that are now submitted to a public vote for the Public Choice Prize, open from June 14 at noon until August 29 at noon.

Prizes Awarded to the Contest Winners

To the 5 finalists:
The broadcast of their creation on the website from June 14 to November 14, 2017
The broadcast of their creation at the Centre for Sustainable Development in Montréal during August.
1 festival t-shirt (Value: $20 CAD)
1 Ableton Live 9 Software License (Value: $449 CAD)
1 Moog Audio gift certificate (Value: $100 CAD) 

To the Public Choice Prize Winner: 
1 TouchDesigner Pro Software License by Derivative (Value: $2935 CAD) 

To the Jury Prize Winner:
1 Mettle Mega Suite Software (Value: $1199 CAD)
1 VP-03 Vocoder by Roland (Value: $665 CAD)
1 TouchDesigner Pro Software License by Derivative (Value: $2935 CAD) 

For more information contact:

Subsribe to the Facebook event for news and updates. 

  • liliesOfTheVallée
    Carcasses solubles

    Carcasses solubles expose la dualité existant entre la nature métaphysique, spirituelle et statistique de l'être humain et son caractère profondément incarné, mortel, sinon matériel. De cette première posture découle l'Anthropocène, référant à l'activité humaine comme vecteur de changement environnemental. Opposées à cette vision humano-centriste, les artistes retournent à la base de ce qui fait d'elles des terriennes, leur corps, et y projettent un visuel attestant du mouvement de masses dans des contextes d'urbanisation et d'immigration, de la propagation de virus et d'information, de l'exploitation des sous-sols et la construction ininterrompue des étages successifs. Emmanuelle Forgues Samuelle Bourgault

  • Federico Foderaro

    The central theme of the work is the impact of the human kind on the planet, starting from the industrial revolution. Since then the surface of the Earth has been shaped with its tools, machines and weapons. The Anthropocene is at its beginning, and no one can predict its course.

  • Lea Schwarz
    The Grid

    The Grid uses the example of a woven textile -the essential composition of the grid- to make a bigger reference to the control of man over nature and the creation of bigger systems. Taking textile as a metaphor for labour, industrialization, resource exploitation, population growth and the human capability/desire to control and organize material; to striate spaces.

  • Alex Guevara

    ATRPCN is an artistic representation of the Anthropocene; how the human being destroys his own existence, slowly leading to the total disappearance of everything.

    The Valley

    The Valley is a collaboration between Teo Zamudio, Xavier Arocha and Milo Reinhardt, members of the Montreal artist collective The audio-visual piece presents a view of the world undergoing a technological transformation, as humanity and the landscape of the Earth itself shift into a symbiotic and inescapable digitization.


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