international festival
of digital creativity
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Édition 19

Vigliensoni CA/CL/QC

Nocturne 1
August 22, 2018, 21:00 - 03:00
Tempest - Live - World premiere: 21:00 - 21:45
Valparaiso-born, Montréal-based musician, keyboard player and electronic producer Gabriel Vigliensoni, also associated with seminal Chilean groups Lucybell, Los Mismos and Electrodomésticos.
Shimmering, circular synth lines; a series of intuitive and ever-evolving Latin-ized drum machine investigations.
Tempest (2018), Michael Saved Us All (2018)
Lucybell is widely hailed as one of the most important Chilean rock bands of the 1990s. Thankfully, there’s a forthcoming documentary that revisits the group’s legacy.
Valparaiso, Chile: Micro-MUTEK, 2003

Seasoned composer and spectrally inclined synthesist Vigliensoni showcases his exploratory approach to music production, relying on extended and delightfully skewed structures, interlocked rhythms, and live drum programming—chockfull of swinging, rhythmic dreamscapes and enveloping, lo-fi analog warmth.

Vigliensoni is a Montréal-based musician and producer from Valparaiso, Chile. His work is informed by formal musical training and extensive studies in the design of new musical interfaces and music recommendation algorithms. He recently completed a PhD in music technology at McGill University. In his work, Vigliensoni transforms the process of making a record into a playground for learning and experimentation. Vigliensoni was a founding member of the seminal post-punk band Lucybell and the electro-acoustic band Los Mismos, among many other collaborations. His solo career Vigliensoni began with the release Nata, where he experimented with techno and breakbeat. He has also explored vocal-driven songs about animal polygamy and migratory birds Le Règne Animal, that eschew the standard pop format, and overlapped krautrock and electronica references with Jaguar.

This premiere live performance of Tempest, after his latest EP, marks Vigliensoni’s first appearance at the Montréal event, having played at the inaugural MICRO_MUTEK.CL in Valparaiso, Chile back in 2003. Expect lush, rolling soundscapes that come alive care of a selection of digital synths, the Tempest drum machine, percussions and a handful of rhythmically oriented vocal utterings.


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