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Édition 19

Ulf Eriksson SE

Expérience 1
August 22, 2018, 17:00 - 23:00
DJ set: 21:40 - 23:00
Malmö-based DJ and Kontra-Musik label boss
Elegantly deep, eclectic and adventurous tech-house textures
Kontra Musik
The Dance (avec Sebastian Mullaert) (2015)
The name for his label comes from a club night he started in his hometown of Malmö back in 2002

In Ulk Eriksson’s eclectic sonic playground, everyone is welcome to revel in the elegantly deep, hypnotic and adventurous tech-house textures that have left their mark on Sweden’s southernmost city.

Eriksson started Kontra-Musik as a club night in 2002, trying to change the way techno was perceived by the general public in Malmö, Sweden. Eriksson’s part in transforming his hometown into the stronghold for electronic music it is today is no less than pioneering. For many years, he’s been the artistic director of the music department at Inkonst, one of the city’s most renowned cultural centres and club venues. He’s also the chief curator for Intonal—one of Europe’s premier festivals for electronic music and experimental culture. Eriksson started his own label in 2006. He has always had a knack of drawing interesting and creative artists to his label, from Jason Fine and Tyler Friedman overseas, to Frak, TM404, Rivet and Sebastian Mullaert, closer to home. The collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert from Minilogue has been especially instrumental: the two friends toured the world together with a unique hybrid setup where Sebastian played live while Ulf spun records. This also resulted in special album called The Dance (2015), released on Kontra-Musik. Eriksson has also been DJing for nearly two decades, which has brought him to illustrious international venues galore as well as festivals such as Portugal’s Forte Festival, Taiwan’s Organik Festival and Georgia’s 4GB, to name a few.

The Swedish kontrarian and label boss brings his knack for carefully curated catalogues and swim-against-the-stream aesthetics to the free MUTEK outdoor stage.


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