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Édition 19

Kenny Larkin US

Métropolis 2
August 25, 2018, 23:00 - 06:00
Live: 02:25 - 03:25
Detroit-raised, L.A.-based pioneering techno DJ/producer, also known aka Dark Comedy
Timeless, imaginatively soulful techno; brazenly stripped-down electronic funk; polished rhythmic frenzy with an innovative, jazz-like approach to melody.
KMS , Planet E Communications, Warp Records, Plus 8, Rush Hour
Step Back (2017)
Larkin moved to L.A. in the early aughts to pursue stand-up comedy.
Montréal: Nuit Blanche x RBMA, 2015.

Expanding the electronic template for more than twenty-five years with his feverishly emotive signature and live instrumentation, Larkin is known for taking his fabled hometown’s gritty, futuristic machine sounds and chiselling them into soulful techno that marries swinging rhythms and brawny breakbeats.

Larkin missed out on Detroit techno’s early days as a result of a two-year stint with the U.S. Air Force repairing computers in the 1980s. Upon his return, his initial aim to pursue stand-up comedy was sidetracked when he found himself immediately taken by the thumping techno sounds spilling out of local clubs, as well as Derrick May’s iconic local radio show. Then and there, he decided to give in to his yearning for swelling bass lines, and became one of the key architects of Detroit’s second techno wave. After his critically lauded debut, Azimuth (1994), on Warp, the now L.A.-based Larkin got to work on his the blueprint for a warmly percussive, gracefully groovy, occasionally jazz-esque signature. His standout remix catalogue (for the likes of Radioslave, Inner City and Ben Klock) as well as his subsequent releases on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 and Carl Craig’s Planet E all served to crystallize his penchant for driving tech house rhythms and finely sculpted melodies. Strangely, his acclaim in Europe as one of the chief Detroit techno innovators has always well surpassed his recognition stateside.

After headlining MUTEK’s 2015 Nuit Blanche alongside Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson, and on the heels of putting out his first solo production in nearly a decade—this seasoned live performer returns to the festival to provide festival patrons with more of his inimitably polished grooves.


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