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Édition 19

Dasha Rush RU

Red Bull Music presents Hors Circuit
August 26, 2018, 15:00 - 23:00
DJ set: 16:05 - 17:25
Russian-born, Berlin-based producer, DJ and artist Dasha Rush, also in duo LADA with German producer Lars Hemmerling
Thick ambient atmospheres laced with acid alterations and outerspace fixations
Raster-Noton, Full panda, Sonic Groove, Hunger to Create
Acid Sketch EP (2018), Ain't No God Nor King 12" (2017)
Dasha Rush blends her underground techno chops with audiovisual acumen and a poetic bent for science and physics in projects like Antarctic Takt and Dark Hearts of Space.
Montréal: 2015, 2016; Dubai: 2017; Barcelona: 2017; Mexico: 2015
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The Quietus - Sleepstep Review
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An underground experimenter in genre disruption and artistic relativity, Dasha Rush propels urgent bass lines and minimalist melodies into dark acid techno, downtempo dreamscapes and contemplative excursions a step outside reality.

An ambitious and versatile explorer, and fiercely independent, Dasha Rush continues to expand her mastery of machine music. A child of Perestroika, Dasha Rush began her electronic music apprenticeship at Moscow raves, started crate digging and DJing at 14, dabbled in piano and left for France to pursue modelling when she was 16. She released her first two albums on her own; founded Fullpanda Records and sub label Hunger to Create, is a member of the curatorial board at Spacial Sound institute in Budapest and has sought out multidisciplinary collisions with theatre, dance and audiovisual art, including intellectual and emotional experiments in 4D spatial sound technology. Her latest release, Acid Sketch, churns with mutant bass lines afloat in shadowy acid and harmonics of distant space-time travel. She's a regular at Berlin's Tresor and most recently performed live at Amsterdam's forward-thinking Awakenings and Katharsis events.

At MUTEK, Dasha performs a new live ambient set for Red Bull Music Hors Circuit on Sunday afternoon, revealing another side of her mercurial music-machine-self.


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