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Édition 19

Steevio & Suzybee UK

Nocturne 5
August 26, 2018, 21:00 - 03:00
North American premiere: 01:15 - 02:45
Wales-based modular synth improviser Steevio and visual artist Suzybee
Real-time, unfolding modular techno mastery with hand-drawn animations
Wake Up! Records, Eye Shadow , Mindtours
Animistas (2015).
They were involved in the UK’s free party movement, and are core residents and co-founders of the beloved Freerotation festival in Wales.
Soundcloud Steevio

Deep, terrifically chunky, real-time techno improvised on modular synthesizers, Steevio’s man-machine results are intricate, expertly crafted but also inherently funky. Augmented with wild, kinetic, psychedelic visions from Suzybee, their electronic arts always privilege personal touch—literally—and spiritually.

An active player in the history of underground music in the UK for roughly 40 years, Steevio co-managed one of the country’s very first electro-funk clubs, The Sidewalk. Starting out in a garage-turned-psychedelic rock band in the 1980s, he found his calling once the band began using sequencers. He took up techno in 1992, and in 2009 made the leap to a purely (and legendary) modular set-up. His vinyl releases are all plucked from hours of recordings of his improvised practice sessions in the studio—a strictly one-take creative process. His partner in life and art, Suzybee Brady brings her visual practice to his modular proceedings, contributing her bespoke animations and ocular sensibilities to their performances. Studies in fine art led her to develop a signature vividness in portraiture, painting, animation and VJing. Almost 15 years ago they decamped to Wales and began co-organizing the forward-thinking, nonprofit Freerotation Festival in 2007, developed from a musician’s free-party collective in the early 2000s, and running the Mindtours label together.

An exclusive appearance in North America at MUTEK, Steevio and Suzybee take the stage with modulars and hand-drawn animations, ready to unleash a reverie that summons rhythm, art and empathy, profoundly aware of how tangles of wires are also the connectors of community, able to convey the experimental principles of techno's promise.



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