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Édition 19

Tolouse Low Trax DE

Nocturne 3
August 24, 2018, 21:30 - 02:35
Live - North American premiere: 23:25 - 00:25
Düsseldorf-based producer and DJ Detlef Weinrich, member of Kreidler
Motorik leftfield slow-mo, euphoric krautrock-influenced dance, avant-collage polyrhythms
Antinote , Apparent Extent, Themes For Great Cities, Karaoke Kalk
Decades Volumes I-III (2016-2017), Rushing Into Water (2016)
Founded Düsseldorf club Salon des Amateurs in 2004 and remains a resident DJ, enthusiastically playing unusual and little-known tracks in legendary sets.
Interview Kaput Mag
CRACK - Grabbeplatz forever

An ardent explorer fused with a precise minimalist, Tolouse Low Trax likes to take his time and stretch his sound palette, encompassing deeply electronic arpeggios, acoustic-sounding polyrhythms and a sonic zone he labels “intempesta,” the vibration between midnight and dawn, time out of time.

A key figure in Düsseldorf’s pioneering and globally critical electronic music scene, Weinrich is a longstanding member of prolific experimental art-pop band Kreidler, whose influences stem from the city's krautrock legends Kraftwerk, Neu!, La Dusseldorf and DAF. With two friends from his Kunstakademie art school days, Weinrich co-founded the legendary Salon des Amateurs, once an anarchically organized bar for artists and electronic music lovers looking for leftfield sounds, it is now considered one of Europe's best clubs. As its original and regular resident, Weinrich continues to set the tone as Tolouse Low Trax, playing sets packed with strange and disparate tunes, magically woven together. As a producer, his creations chug smoothly along with intriguing instrumentation, melodic gear-changes and rhythms arising from altered percussion and sampled vocals.

Live, Tolouse Low Trax might meld 20 genres together yet never jolt, hypnotically moving club-goers through a globe-spanning polyrhythmic set, his perpetual cigarette the only constant. A crunchy, funk-addled Boiler Room Belgrade set in 2017 eases from slow grooves to 105bpm sawing undertows. Expect Tolouse Low Trax to keep the frequencies and motions extremely altered at MUTEK.



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