international festival
of digital creativity
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Édition 19

Lanark Artefax UK

Nocturne 4
August 25, 2018, 21:30 - 02:30
North American premiere: 22:35 - 23:20
Glasgow-based Scottish producer Calum MacRae
Abstract breakbeat techno, sculptural IDM, ambient minimalism-from-the-future
Whities, U-I-Q
Blue 01 (2018, avec Tessela), Whities 011 (2017)
Björk's recent Arisen My Senses EP featured a remix by Larnark Artefax
Lanark Artefax
CRACK Selections

Intent on creating sublimely textured experiences, Lanark Artefax fuses ambient, cinematic techno with IDM's abstractions, his structures verging on bent classical arrangements peppered in glitches, broken beats and choral melodies.

A classically trained pianist who almost took a classical composition route, McRae instead studied literature while continuing to experiment at home with electronic sound design, including the microtonal dissonance, spliced choral samples and deconstructed rhythms that mark his signature sound. He soon landed a five-track EP of splintered experimental techno on Lee Gamble's label. When Aphex Twin played his Touch Absence Whities dubplate at Primavera 2017 and Bjork made the track a regular in her DJ sets, things started to take off. MacRae followed those successes with something completely different, yet still a synthesis of tangible and abstract, embodying his own pseudonym. His Absent Material Gateway A/V installation merges sound and visual materials, fiction and fact, mechanical and human, ancient and hypermodern—and it culminates in an ultra loud, bass drenched live set. Co-created with a writer and designer in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy, the Gateway entices one person at a time into its dark world of strange artifacts and dubious historic materials belonging to a mythical organization in quaint Lanark, Scotland.

After a spring spent touring his latest soundscapes, with stops at experimental music fests Rewire and Sensorium, and into summer mode at Sonar, Terraforma and Melt festivals, Lanark Artefax engages MUTEK in his hypnotically heavy, new-materialist minimalism.



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