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Édition 19

Martin Messier & YRO CA/FR/QC

A/Visions 1
August 24, 2018, 19:00 - 20:40
ASHES - North American premiere: 19:00 - 19:30
Q&A: HOLO Encounters w/ Martin Messier & YRO: Q&A
August 25, 2018, 16:15 - 17:00
IMG: 16:15 - 17:00
Montréal artist Martin Messier and French artist and musician Élie Blanchard, also known as YRO
Audiovisual reinvention, choreographies for everyday objects, live cinema
Messier: Impulse (2017), Field (2015-16); YRO: Rodeo Ranger (2018), Synthome Cycle (2010-2018)
Messier and YRO present ASHES at MUTEK, a project that reimagines burnt matter using microscopes, video projection, cameras, light and a motorized system conceptualized specifically for the project.
Montréal: 2015, 2014 (with Nicolas Bernier), 2009, 2008 (with Jacques Poulin-Denis); Japan: 2016; Mexico: 2015
Shape Interview with Yro
Yro Studio
Ashes performance

Ordinary objects are given life and voice in the hands of Martin Messier and YRO. Messier's performance works reimagine and magnify everyday items – alarm clocks, sewing machines, film projectors, pens and self-conceived machines – by reinventing their functions and giving agency to their sounds. YRO's mastery of live cinema creates another level of story—a cinema that evolves on screen and on stage as part of a complex, affecting choreography.

Messier melds music with materials and bodies in motion in his projects. An internationally touring and award winning artist, he founded sound production company 14 lieux to give a platform to sound work in the art scene. Among Messier's projects: Field generates sounds from electromagnetic fields in the environment, Messier's own body a conduit; in MACHINE_VARIATION, with Nicolas Bernier, they tackle a massive machines’ wooden levers, metal gears and springs to create music; Messier persuades light to arc between metal panels synchronized with sound in IMPULSE; and SEWING MACHINE ORCHESTRA is exactly what it sounds like yet each iteration surprises. A prolific multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, Blanchard merges old and new technologies in his darkly geometrical audiovisual performances and installations. He's one of the pioneers of the intricate live cinema movement, producing film in real time on stage, no cuts, no edits, lots of preparation. He regularly collaborates with similarly inclined artists and musicians, as well as dance choreographers and archivists, bringing them directly into the detailed creative process of each work.

The first collaboration between the two L.E.V. Festival alumni, ASHES emerged from a months-long residency in Gijón, Montréal and Paris. Named after a studio storage room fire that broke out just as the duo began their research, destroying the materials they'd originally wanted to use, ASHES gathers the residue of the fire to explore notions of waste, disappearance and disintegration. A physical choreographed performance where everything is interconnected and moved through human gesture and vibration, ASHES questions the complex relationship between material and immaterial, incarnate and sublimate, destruction and reconstruction.

Presented with the support of the Consulate General of France in Québec.




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