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Édition 19

LADA (Dasha Rush and Lars Hemmerling) DE/RU

Métropolis 1
August 24, 2018, 22:00 - 03:00
Live - North American premiere: 01:30 - 03:00
Russian-born, Berlin-based Dasha Rush and German producer Lars Hemmerling (half of L & G Hemmerling, Asyncron and 4 Creators with brother Gunnar).
Dark melodic techno, industrial bass and noise, thick ambient atmospheres
Raster-Noton, Full panda, Hunger to Create, Sonic Groove
LADA (2017), Rush: Acid Sketch EP (2018); Hemmerling: Space Bolero EP (2016)
Dasha Rush has proved her audiovisual acumen, and a poetic bent for environmental science and physics in the abstract atmospheres of screen projects like Antarctic Takt and Dark Hearts of Space.
Dasha Rush: Dubai: 2017; Barcelona: 2017; Montréal: 2015, 2016; Mexico: 2015
LADA Live act at Shanti Club Moscow
Bandcamp Dasha Rush

Mysterious, intense and created for the fervour of live performance, LADA combines the Berlin underground techno chops of Dasha Rush and Lars Hemmerling: a culmination of the artists' extolled talents and a search for dance music's missing elements, fusing echoing vocals, radio transmissions and synthetic glitches, off-kilter beats and pummelling rhythms.

A child of Perestroika, Dasha Rush began her electronic music apprenticeship at Moscow raves, started crate digging and DJing at 14, dabbled in piano and left for France to pursue modelling when she was 16. An ambitious experimentalist, and fiercely independent, she continued to teach herself machine music, released her first two albums on her own labels, and sought out multidisciplinary collisions with theatre, dance and audiovisual art. Today she can be counted among the most versatile forces in electronic music: an unwavering boundary pushing techno producer and DJ, a collaborator with fellow producers and audiovisual artists, head of Fullpanda Records and sub label Hunger to Create, and a member of the curatorial board at Spacial Sound institute in Budapest, focused on experiments in 4D sound. Lars Hemmerling started DJing acid-tinged dub at Berlin clubs in the '90s before producing underground electronic music with his twin brother Gunnar Hemmerling. Their passion for electronic music lead to sound engineering, their own studio and, in 2009, their label Dock Records. Most recently, Hemmerling released the driving acid techno of his Space Bolero EP on Fullpanda.

Rush and Hemmerling began LADA in 2010 as an experiment in performing industrial-tinged techno and soon gained critical acclaim for their recordings, and appearances at such hallowed spaces as Berghain and Tresor as well as at Rush's event series All You Need Is Ears, and Berlin's Atonal. Landing at MUTEK, the duo perform a new improvisational live PA version of LADA, replete with hypnotic drones, a resonant factory of rhythms, downtempo micro-collages and multi-layered melodies.



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