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Édition 19

Charlotte Bendiks NO

Nocturne 5
August 26, 2018, 21:00 - 03:00
Live - Canadian premiere: 22:50 - 23:45
Expérience 4
August 25, 2018, 15:00 - 23:15
DJ set: 21:30 - 23:15
Norwegian producer and DJ Charlotte Bendiks
Classic house minimalism embedded in an Arctic ethos, African grooves and Latin beats, euphoric body music
Cómeme, Hivern Discs , Love OD Communications
Hidden Tracks (2017), HVN 12" avec Marc Piñol (2017)
Bendiks helped develop the Insomnia Festival in Tromsø, Norway, which launched in 2002 and has since featured Biosphere, Lindstrøm, Röyksopp, Apparat, Thomas Fehlmann and even inspired Public Enemy to play the far North.
Residant Advisor Review

Charlotte Bendiks bends the exhilarating essentials of Chicago house with organic minimalism, heavy on the bass and heartbeat-matching African and Latin beats, amplified by her spontaneous live vocals and possessed acoustic percussion.

Bendiks spent her childhood often traveling by reindeer-pulled sled in the remote Arctic village of Tennskjær, its mountainous beauty and isolation inspiring her creative inner world and love of new discoveries. She moved to the Northern city of Tromsø as a teenager, started drumming for rock and punk bands and organizing music events and soon discovered the city's techno legacy—local techno producers with international profiles such as Mental Overdrive, Bjørn Torske and Biosphere became an inspiration for her early experiments in DJing with Reason, Logic and Ableton. She started working behind the scenes with electronic festival Insomnia and, upon hearing producer Maximo's stories of the electronic underground in Cologne, couldn't help but team up with him to organize raging underground electronic event Moist, known for its physically immersive music and steamy atmosphere. Bendiks refined her DJ skills over two years spent in Cologne, becoming friends with DJ and producer Lena Wilikens and Cómeme label artists. Her own productions emerged back in Tromsø, with her first solo release Afterhours in 2013, followed by Aurora, an EP driven by rave-addled disco grooves and ominous house-inspired vocals. She jacked the drum-machine beat in releases on Cómeme and John Talabot’s Hivern Discs, turning traditional Sami drumming and South American cumbia into ritualistic, repetitive dancefloor rhythms drenched in dopamine-delivering bass and melodic vocal flourishes.

Extremely active as a DJ and live performer, Bendiks is joined by percussionist and producer Boska, for a frenzied debut set at MUTEK, aimed to move our bodies from head to foot and let our spirits loose.

Presented as part of North-West Passage, a project by Insomnia, Intonal and MUTEK, with the support of the Nordic Council and the Québec government.





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