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Édition 19

Acid Pauli DE

Nocturne 5
August 26, 2018, 21:00 - 03:00
Acid Cohen - Live - North American premiere: 21:45 - 22:45
DJ set: 01:10 - 03:00
Berlin-based producer Martin Gretschmann, also known as Console
Downtempo, swinging psychedelic journeys in techno, blissed out deep house, minimalist melodies and unpredictable percussion
Ouïe, Smaul Recordings, Doxa Records, Clown And Sunset
BLD (2017), Selected Indianer Works (2017)
Acid Pauli hosts Acid Sundays, one of the biggest progressive parties in Ibiza, at Adria Brothers/Cirque du Soleil's club Heart and open-air market Las Dalias. At MUTEK, he gives his signature acid treatment to Leonard Cohen samples in his Acid Cohen live set.
Deep House Amsterdam Interview

A prolific fixture in experimental electronic programming for over 20 years, Martin Gretschmann specializes in sound odysseys, from sample-heavy, live sets directed at a confetti-covered dancefloor to modular synth productions rippling in cerebral moody depths, warped jazz percussion and adventurous melodic twists.

Growing up in Germany's Bavarian region, Gretschmann played bass in an indie-punk band in the late '80s but electronic music soon captivated his attention and, equipped with a sampler, Atari computer, four-track tape machine and a simple synth, he started releasing the first tracks of many under the name Console. Not long after, he joined The Notwist, infusing textured, leftfield electronic elements into the band's experimental rock in studio and on tour for over a decade. While also continuing to produce solo as Console, he formed off-shoot group 13&God with members of The Notwist and Oakland hip hop artists on Anticon, co-launched underground Munich club Rote Sonne, and crafted a series of film scores under his own name for directors Luis Briceno, Hans Christian Schmid and others. A move to Berlin brought further collaboration in groups NU and The Feathered Sun, an expansion of Console into a live band with visuals, and a celebrated residency at Bar 25. Acid Pauli emerged among it all as Gretschmann's club-oriented, live and DJ alter-ego—releasing his first LP on Nicolas Jaar's Clown & Sunset, mixing two compilations for Crosstown Rebels label head Damian Lazarus, producing instrumentals for Björk's Vespertine, and unleasing two LPs on his own label Ouïe, in 2016.

Among his live experiments, he's developed sound performances for art exhibitions, performed at Burning Man, and continues to host eclectic and hedonistic happening Acid Sundays in Ibiza. Acid Pauli brings some of that Acid Sundays vibe to MUTEK this year with his Acid Cohen live set in the SAT dome, arranging samples of Leonard Cohen songs into a mood-altering adventure. He follows that feat with a blissful DJ set to close the festival in style.


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