international festival
of digital creativity
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Édition 19

Jaclyn Kendall CA/QC

Métropolis 2
August 25, 2018, 23:00 - 06:00
Live: 00:05 - 00:50
Hamilton-born, Montréal-based electronic producer and DJ
Bass-heavy, gnarly techno; uncompromising 140+ BPM dissonance; reverb-leaking industrial noise.
Summer Isle
Pressure Pulses (2017)
Last October, Kendall contributed to Power Puerto Rico, a 43-track compilation by Montréal’s Lagom Collective to raise community funds for those directly affected by the devastation of Hurricane Maria.
Residant Advisor Review

Uncompromising on her quest to devise the most billowing, bass-heavy techno and hardest-edged industrial noise, Kendall’s love for heavy-hitting patterns that surpass the 140 BPM bar is only matched by her yearning to conjure up percussive elements out of everyday objects like coat zippers and shoe strings. Her reverb-leaking, hiss and echo-oozing rhythms are perfect for soundtracking ominous, late-night joy rides.

This Hamilton-born producer and DJ first moved to Montréal to pursue graphic design, where she became acquainted with a like-minded community of makers. Having first cut her teeth on an electric keyboard from Walmart, she has always taught herself tools through computer fiddling. Her parallel graphic design practice bleeds into her music production, as both involve visualizing patterns and striving for a sense of symmetry. Kendall’s steadily growing reputation on the local front has seen her open for the likes of Schwefelgelb, Essaie pas and Orphx (the latter as TIN, a techno project she shares with musician Josh Korody). 2017 saw the release of Pressure Pulses, her debut EP on Toronto’s Summer Isle imprint, and she has recently curated a 30-track Palestinian charity music compilation entitled Never a Land Without People, with 100% of the proceeds donated to non-profit organization Adalah.

Expect steaming baths of techno and portentous jolts of noise when Kendall brings her distorted soundscapes to the festival for a live modular synth performance in the intimate, and alternately overwhelming, Savoy Room.


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