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Édition 19

anabasine CA/QC

Métropolis 1
August 24, 2018, 22:00 - 03:00
Live: 02:00 - 02:45
FACT presents: Against The Clock Lab w/ anabasine and Wiklow: Presentation + Q&A
August 25, 2018, 13:00 - 14:00
Presentation: 13:00 - 14:00
Montréal-based DJ, producer and engineer Danji Buck-Moore, also known as live exploratory drone performer A Picturesque Venus Transit, and one-third of psychedelic art-pop band Slight.
mind-rhythms for the dronefloor; synth slamjams of celestial wonder; cascading harmonies that drift in and out of lucidity
Leisure Time Future : The Rattlesnake (2016).
In collaboration with German artists Henning Fehr and Philipp Rühr, Buck-Moore created Polyrhythm Technoir, a film trilogy examining past, present and future developments of techno-worlds, which has been shown at international events such as Art Basel Miami.
Residant Advisor Review

Call them synth slamjams of celestial wonder or cascading harmonies that drift in and out of lucidity, one thing’s for sure: Anabasine’s aural experiments in zoning out the percussive clutter and zooming into mind-dripping polyrhythms should be practiced on the regular.

American-born, Montréal-based Danji Buck-Moore is a musician, DJ, engineer and, since 2011, a founding member of the creative events space, La Plante. He has worked on the long-running Sleepover Drone Night events and founded the rave collective and soon-to-be label Lagom, which produces zines and hosts showcases for the city’s top emerging techno talent. He also hosts the monthly show Anglerfish on n10.as radio, which in 2017 played host to special sessions with visiting MUTEK artists. With over a decade of training in classical music, jazz piano and organ, this McGill music major began adding synthesizers to his work as part of Slight, a swirling psychedelic art-pop band. His work as a musician is primarily engaged in drone, psychedelic, techno and bass music through studio engineering, live sound mixing and field recording. Since first cutting his teeth as a DJ in Montréal and Germany's underground techno scenes, his personal projects have also included the beat driven electronics of Anabasine and the live exploratory drone performances of A Picturesque Venus Transit.

Making his MUTEK debut, Buck-Moore takes to the Savoy room as Anabasine, premiering his all-new live set of malleable rhythms and brain-bending sonics.


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