international festival
of digital creativity
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Édition 19

Data Slum CA/QC

Play 4
August 25, 2018, 21:00 - 02:10
Live: 22:20 - 22:55
Montréal-based composer/leftfield house producer Leon Louder (also known as Vertigo Inc. and LL) and sound artist/post-rock guitarist Martín Rodríguez
Frenetic polyrhythms and dense, rippling atmospheres; hysterical hydraulics and malfunctioning code; machines hooting, hollering, and shrieking in a savage mimicry of nature
American Trance (2018), Overload (2016)
After a surgery to remove a brain tumour left Rodríguez temporarily paralyzed, he began exploring new ways to play his guitar as a copping mechanism, which resulted in 2015’s Radio Therapy cassette
Montréal: 2016 as Vertigo Inc., 2014 as LL

Data Slum reflects a technological civilization in torment, decay, and upheaval. Commanding a mishmash of obsolete and modern machines, their performances are marked by frenetic polyrhythms and dense, rippling atmospheres, in a creative process that actively rebels against the linear, streamlined norms of modern electronic music performance and the newer-is-better technological enslavement that goes with it.

Formed from a chance meeting at the Montréal recording studio of composer and leftfield house producer Leon Louder and sound artist Martin Rodriguez, Data Slum also includes a rotating cast of visual collaborators. For the past 15 years, Louder has released music at the intersection of house and live electronic improvisation, using customized machines to create an unexpected sound palette with its own sonic and narrative logic, populated by percussive oddities and eccentric melodies. For his part, Rodríguez explores resonance in combination with transducers and his electric guitar to expose the rhythms, harmonies, and melodies found in the cracks of the radio spectrum, thereby creating living, emotive soundscapes. In addition to producing his own work, Rodriguez is a member of the microtonal synth band Chienvoler and the beat-based Felp. As Data Slum, they have performed at various venues and festivals in Montréal including Eastern Bloc, Sala Rossa and La Lumière.

Rodríguez and Louder use a combination of machines and effects to create a dense and chaotic sonic freak show. Their MUTEK debut is billed as an exercise in nearly pure improvisation, a hectic call and response that follows its own demented logic.


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