international festival
of digital creativity
and electronic music
Édition 19

Metaritmos CA/QC/MX

Play 2
August 23, 2018, 20:00 - 00:40
Live: 23:40 - 00:40
Montréal-based electroacoustic formation made up of multidisciplinary artists Vieux Néant, yecto and Marc Egg
Live coding meets live electro in a hybrid, improvised A/V experience indebted to Afrolatin and electronic rhythms
Algo Ritmico (2017)
Marc Matatya (Marc Egg) co-founded the Montréal Experimental Choir, which began as a spontaneous appreciation of the reverberation in domes and staircases before developing into workshops and games that encourage listening and playing in a group setting.
Charles Bicari
Marc Egg

Metaritmos create improv-based audiovisual experiences blending synthesis, live coding, sequences, voice and audio reactive visuals—a hybrid game of live improvisation influenced by traditional polyrhythms and contemporary synthesis.

The name Metaritmos originally refers to jam sessions and algorave performances across Montréal and Mexico City that included sequencers, synthesizers, live coding and visuals: serving as a lab within which various practices in live electronics interact. What brings together Montréal-based multiplatform makers Vieux Néant (Charles Bicari), Marc Egg (Marc Matatya) & Yecto (Rodrigo Velasco) is a dedication to inconceivable sonorities, a yearning to push back all limitations and embrace unexpected musical games and existential experiences. Vieux Néant is a sound designer and audio director operating in the realms of performance, composition and sound design. For Metaritmos, he oversees the mixing and improvisation, along with a selection of sonic moods and rhythmic sequencing. Marc Egg is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and poet whose work focuses on the inner journey within improvised music. As part of Metaritmos, Marc sings while manning a number of synths and a sequencer. Yecto is a computer musician and graphic designer who creates improvised, audiovisual polyrhythmic structures through the creation and editing of computer languages in real time.

With their audiovisual performances grounded in improvised, late-night settings, and with large doses of research-creation at the heart of their process, Metaritmos find themselves appropriately occupying the laboratory-like context of the Studio Hydro-Québec.


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