international festival
of digital creativity
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Édition 19

Analog Tara US

Expérience 4
August 25, 2018, 15:00 - 23:15
Live - Canadian premiere: 16:55 - 17:40
Washington, DC-based multi-instrumentalist composer and historian of electronic music Tara Rodgers
Densely ambient groove-inclined analog techno, electroacoustic experimental compositions, generative sound installations inspired by the natural world
Source Records, 1432R
Untitled EP (2018)
Rodgers is the author of Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound, and numerous essays on music, technology, and culture. She'll present a keynote talk at MUTEK's Symposium this year.
analog tara
Head Shoppe
Pink Noises

A composer and thinker who explores sound and sonic meanings from multiple angles, Analog Tara builds her tracks on analog sources and recorded loops, layering improvised sounds and melodic lines into an intricate and inquisitive design.

Rodgers merges academic inquiries with DIY electroacoustic and techno experiments on piano, analog synths, bass, voice, digital tools and other instruments. The author of numerous essays on music, technology and culture as well as the groundbreaking 2010 book Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound, she holds an MFA in Electronic Music & Recording Media from Mills College and a PhD in Communication Studies from McGill University. Her book came out of the Pink Noises feminist media project and online community she started in 2000 to spotlight the work of women who are DJs, electronic musicians and sound artists and to provide technical information on audio technologies, spurring thousands of DIY creative acts by women. Her own techno excursions at the time lead her to feature on a compilation from Move D's Source Records and see her Tres Bien (The Nouveau Disco Mix) track on the Le Tigre Remix album. In 2011, Rodgers founded the Women’s Studies Multimedia Studio at the University of Maryland, an interdisciplinary event space and teaching lab that hosted performances, lectures, film screenings, workshops, and examined issues of identity and difference. Her own electroacoustic generative music compositions tap into ecosystem dynamics and the collision of synthetic sounds with the natural world. Among her collaborations, the INSERT [ ] HERE performative project (with Nick Bryson and Sharon Mansur) combines Rodger's sound score with dance to explore notions of embodiment.

In the last few years, Rodgers has expanded the techno side of her sound experiments by performing live laptop sets based on her analog synth studio setup. She's performed at Berlin's Loop and D.C.'s Sonic Circuits and given keynote talks at Sound:Gender:Feminism:Activism in London and CTM in Berlin. At MUTEK this year she'll present a keynote talk and switch gears in an Analog Tara live set, blending her compositional approach with ambient and beat-driven electronic narratives.


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