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Ewa Justka UK

Play 4
August 25, 2018, 21:00 - 02:10
Live: 23:00 - 23:45
Warsaw-raised, London-based electronic noise artist, teacher and self-taught synth builder Ewa Justka
ast and mangled acid techno, hardcore hardware hacking and noisy DIY electronics
Fractal Meat Cuts , Conditional
Acid Smut (2017), Efhkjerfbeskj (2016)
Last year, Justka posted a YouTube video tutorial for her patchable 8-step sequencer, hooking up the DIY system to carrots, bananas, eggplants and apples, and squeezing them to control the pitch.
Ewa Justka
Organic/Melodic 8 step Sequencer

This Polish acid-technoise prodigy runs her DIY laboratory of unhinged electronic circuits, flickering light bulbs and strange transistors with the aim of churning out crushing sound sequences and dismantled, atonal rhythms. Her punkish analogue pulsations blast out of her machines with an almost gabber-like intensity, deconstructing all notions of orderly 4/4 climaxes while eliciting an unquestionably electrified response from listeners.

Polish producer Ewa Justka was first introduced to leftfield electronic sounds by her sister as a teen, via Aphex Twin and the Ninja Tune catalogue. She began building and designing her homemade synth circuits after moving to London nearly a decade ago, where she studied computational arts at Goldsmiths. The main focus of her research lies in the exploration of ontological environments and the materiality of objects. She is involved in a broad spectrum of creative pursuits, from leading DIY workshops (on how to build a primitive drum machine from scratch, for instance) and building music instruments (such as the double delay and reverb unit ‘The Motherfucker2’, sold on her Etsy shop, Optotronics) to performing her strange and sweetly brutal brew of industrial noise at international festivals such as Unsound Krakow, Club Transmediale and Ableton Loop. Her debut EP Efhksjerfbeskj, a pandemonium of hard modulations, was released on Conditional in 2016, and her follow-up EP, Acid Smut, on Graham Dunning’s Fractal Meat Cuts shook up the acid techno blueprint to such an extent that it was no longer recognizable.

Justka likes to describe her live shows as constant crescendos that accelerate until they’re simply unbearable. Expect her MUTEK debut to showcase a series of mesmerizing, multi-sensory tableaux bursting with such hardcore intensity.

Ewa Justka is a member of Music Hackspace, a London platform and community experimenting with music, technology and sound organizing regular DIY workshops, events and artistic residencies. Music Hackspace is a resident of Somerset House Studios.

Appears as part of Keychange :: Amplify.


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