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Édition 19

T. Gowdy CA/QC

Nocturne 2 : Presented by Resident Advisor
August 23, 2018, 21:00 - 02:05
Vitrify - Live - World premiere: 21:00 - 21:35
Montréal-based musician, producer, sound engineer and audiovisual artist Tim Gowdy
Ambient meditations on turmoil, electroacoustic-industrial performances, colourful audiovisual interrogations of time-distorted reality
Liberation Through Hearing
B-Stock (2018)
T. Gowdy's recent projects alter our negative perceptions of urban noise, modifying recordings of city sounds and adding surveillance camera images to let us more deeply experience the here and now.
T. Gowdy
Resident Advisor

Ambient audiovisual atmospheres merge with industrial noise and distortion, exploring the thresholds where time distorts reality, memories fade and new experiences blur our perceptions of what we once knew.

As T. Gowdy's music oscillates between featherlight mediation and brooding heaviness, his visuals channel video tape decay, merging colour tones and fading signals. Also a sound engineer for film and music, Gowdy has worked with artists Parc X Trio, Coral Egan, Odyssey Works and blues singer Dawn Tyler Watson. His self released album B-Stock explores emotional turmoil through unknown, passive environments and incorporates the sounds of the spaces where he made each piece of music in Berlin. In a recent performance at Montréal culture hub Never Apart, he processed urban noise through a live stereo microphone wired to resonators, pitch and distance modulators—a deep-listening study in how we channel the present moment.

At MUTEK, T. Gowdy performs a live set interrogating “time-distorted reality” by electronically warping experimental musique concrète into states of asymmetry and rhythmic equilibrium. Meanwhile, live video streams on CRT screens from a surveillance camera, fragmenting the stage and audience in flickers and surges of colourful light.


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