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Andrea Ludovic VE

Play 4
August 25, 2018, 21:00 - 02:10
AILM Continuum - Live - World premiere: 00:25 - 01:25
Venezuelan producer, musician, sound designer, artist and engineer Andrea Ludovic, also known as MsSpknsS
Expressive psychoacoustic effects and noise, deep bass and complex breaks, avant-garde cinematic audiovisual
AILM (2017)
She's co-founder of experimental net label label Musica Culpable and works with Spanish computer-music instrument maker Retractable Systems as a content editor and audiovisual producer.

Introspective noise meditation, industrial drone and deep synthetic dub converge in Andrea Ludovic's sound experiments. Live, she cuts a dark arc through bass music and invites emotional release through provocative, interconnected sound and visuals.

Born in Caracas, Andrea Ludovic played piano and studied music theory throughout her youth, though she followed a scientific path into university, majoring in electronic engineering. Combining these two streams of knowledge, she developed a digital FPGA synthesizer as her final thesis work, carving out a path in electronic music that would lead through acoustics and digital sound processing into digital synthesis and psychoacoustic concepts. Her ongoing solo project, MsSpknsS, takes her into darker realms of fast-paced jungle and IDM with allusions to rock-metal. With fellow producers, she formed online digital art, sound-coding and glitch-noise label Musica Culpable in 2006. She moved to exploring synthesis and sound art with visual and sound installation artists, dancers and performance artists. Her latest self-released boxset, AILM, also goes beyond music, incorporating art by Angel Marquez-Burguera and expanding into a live showcase with performers and stylists, including video mapping and live cinema.

Ludovic presents her live solo set AILM Continuum, a breaks-heavy rollercoaster of low frequencies, acoustic microtonal vibrations and intense rhythms exploring the ever-changing nature and our shifting light and dark sides. Colourful abstract and narrative visuals developed in collaboration with artist Marco Antonio Guerrero submerge listeners further into Ludovic's concept.

Ludovic's presence at MUTEK Montréal is thanks to the British Council Venezuela's program Women Shift Digital.

Appears as part of Keychange :: Amplify


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