international festival
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Édition 19

Jan Pienkowski CA/QC

Expérience 4
August 25, 2018, 15:00 - 23:15
Live: 20:25 - 21:25
Montréal-based musician, DJ, sound designer and physicist
Buoyant and shuffling tech-house grooves; beaming, steadily building synth patterns with jazz and world undertones
Ono Records , Ono Bots
Little Platypus Had A Big Dream (2016), Night Walk Radio (2013)
Pienkowski did the sound design on Minotaur, an experimental NFB short that played at MUTEK 2016 and featured original music by Kid Koala.
Jan Pienkowski

Pulling from a diverse palette of emotive textures, border-crossing themes and electroacoustic training, Jan Pienkowski has been serving up his distinctly buoyant and shuffling tech-house grooves for over a decade. Pienkowski’s affection for steadily building synth patterns with jazz and world influences is also informed by his flair for the dramatic.

Pienkowski’s path to electronic production was a circuitous and far-reaching one, having initially learned piano as a teen, before switching gears to play guitar in rock, blues and jazz bands, directing musical theatre and studying electroacoustics before then being exposed to the envelope-pushing possibilities of electronic live sets. Owner of ONO Records and sub labels ONOMAR and ONOBOTS, Pienkowski shares his unique blend of upbeat, dubby tech-house delights—always informed by his training in physics and electroacoustics. He has been a resident artist and teacher in music production and DJing at the SAT for over 10 years, while also playing at Montréal’s most storied electronic spaces (Salon Daomé, Stereo Bar, Velvet) and performing his interdisciplinary immersive live shows at Elektra, Black & Blue and MEG. Pienkowski also composes sound and music for a variety of film and video game projects.

Having just developed a new live set featuring modular and classic synths, the piano and the electric guitar, Pienkowski brings his whole arsenal to MUTEK’s outdoor stage.


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