international festival
of digital creativity
and electronic music
Édition 19

M P | vH+ CA/IR/QC

Play 1
August 22, 2018, 20:00 - 23:20
Etherwaves and Brainwaves : 20:00 - 20:25
Montréal-based composers, sound artists, life partners and frequent collaborators, Honey “vH+” Pazhutan and Max Pazhutan, also known as Twarc Pyroelectric, The Quark Model, Cy-Ens and sin(thesis)
Interdisciplinary computer-mediated creativity; improvisations with theremin over amplified brainwaves; luminous scenography highlighting relations between body, mind, sound, and space
Filter Union, Toxic Industries
(en tan que Twarc Pyroelectric): The Quartz Vortex (2017)
Honey is behind a group gathering called the Art Of Listening at RAC (Recording Arts Canada) for female sound engineers/artists with the goal of empowering girls in digital media arts and technology.
Wind 8 Soundcloud

Brain-generated waves and generative environments mingle in a theremin-led composition
enriched by luminous scenography and painterly light, where gestures beget sounds and sounds morph into light.

Honey Haq Pazhutan is a sound artist, composer, music tutor, percussionist and vocalist who began composing and improvising music using gaming consoles and DSP techniques in 2010. Under her moniker Wind8, she recorded her debut album Connections: A Meditation On Artificial Intelligence that same year. Max Pazhutan has been active as a composer, sound designer, instrumentalist, author, and educator since 1991. He has recorded hundreds of electronic and digital compositions and has made sound installations for art galleries. Together they are known as "M P | v H+ Computational Sound Art Projects,” and create works that are profoundly technology-oriented, comprising open source coding systems, visual programming languages and self-developed software synthesizers. Their various music projects together include Cy-Ens, The Quark Model, sin(thesis) and Twarc Pyroelectric — the latter being the couple’s latest project, an unclassifiable sci-fi world of analog synth storytelling. The Pazhutans moved to Montréal in 2017, the same year they signed with UK label Filter Union for all their collaborative musical iterations.

Longtime practitioners of interdisciplinary, computer-mediated creativity, Honey and Max bring their theremin-based improvisations over amplified brainwaves to MUTEK as part of Wednesday’s stellar squad of cerebral offerings.


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