international festival
of digital creativity
and electronic music
Édition 19

Hors Circuit presented by Red Bull Music

Renewing the festival’s long running relationship with Red Bull Music, this year takes the collaboration into new territory. Literally. Sunday afternoon, MUTEK moves uptown to Outremont to the Virage with a free outdoor program that nods to the richness of Montréal’s local scene:

Dasha Rush (RU) / Frankie Teardrop (CA/QC) DJ Set / Jann Tomaro & Mikael Tobias (CA/QC) / Minimal Violence (CA) / Skinnybones (CA/QC) / softcoresoft (CA/QC) / Teo Zamudio (CA/QC)

Behind the regular Never Apart noise and ambient meditation Practice series, Jann Tomaro will be joined by Mikael Tobias to embody a spirit of deep listening and open the day with their transportive sound work; performing live in techno duo LADA during the festival, Dasha Rush releases her moody, textural ambient personality; local artist Skinnybones, associated with the Knife & Fork Crew performs his eccentric range of styles; susy.technology member, visual artist and sound designer Teo Zamudio takes over with his brooding and balearic grooves; LIP founder and queer party protagonist Frankie Teardrop delivers one of her electric DJ sets; LAGOM collective representative and scene busy bee softcoresoft gives a live set of her acid-laced techno—and Vancouver punk-technoists Minimal Violence complete the open air adventure.

The site will be outfitted with a bar and food, along with a pop-up record fair featuring stock from La Rama, with proceedings live streamed by n10.as radio.

Check out the MUTEK channel on Red Bull Radio here


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