international festival
of digital creativity
and electronic music
Édition 19

General Director - Jennifer-Ann Weir
Artistic Director - Alain Mongeau
Programming - Alain Mongeau, Patti Schmidt, Vincent Lemieux

Director of Operations - Daphné Robert-Careau
Development Coordinator - Katharina Meissner
Marketing and Communications Coordinator - Chloé Douris
Digital Platforms and Community Manager - Gabrielle Gagnon-Fréchet
Communications and Promotion Assistant - Theophile Demolin
Community Manager Assistant - Ocean Derouchie
English Writers - Robyn Fadden, Oliver Harding
French Writers/Translators - Patrick Baillargeon
Web - Mateo Murphy
Graphic Designer / Visual Campaign - Nouvelle Administration
Press Relations - Brigitte Chabot Communications (QC)
Production Director - Bertrand Caussé
Projetct Manager, Keychange :: Amplify - Marie Laure Saidani
Technical Director - Maxime Léonard
Production Manager - Guillaume Mathieu
Box Office Manager - Louise Morel
Hospitality Coordinator - Camille Ouellet
Hospitality Assistant - Anna Larovaia
Volunteers Manager - 


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