Baya CA/QC

Nocturne 5
August 24, 2019, 22:00 - 06:00
VJ: 00:40 - 02:35
Montréal visual designer and DJ Jean-Sébastien Baillat
High-tech hyper-stylized surreal visions, organically shifting visuals that combine projections, video mapping, live video and lasers, fluctuating vivid geometric shapes and elegant textures
He's the founder of Studio Baillat and co-founder of Montréal design company Baillat Cardell & fils (with Guillaume Cardell), known for his colourful and striking print, video, web and installation art work
2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009; MUTEK_IMG: 2013; Mexico: 2017, 2014, 2015
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Deploying vivid colour, striking geometric design and arresting animations, Baya taps into music's pulse and purpose to create synergies between sight and sound that fly from the screen.

For over 15 years as a solo artist and collaborator, Baillat has been creating elegant and glossy high-tech visuals, 360-degree dome performances, light and laser design, installations and scenography. A long time visual collaborator with MUTEK, Baillat's career includes work with Sasha and John Digweed, A-Trak, Señor Coconut, C2MTL, Ariane Moffat, Place des Arts, Moment Factory, Cirque du Soleil and many more. Baillait takes his own kind of command of the visual controls at MUTEK, concocting a panorama of imagery that revels in a hypnotic repetition of exquisite form, contrast and colour.


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