Nicola Cruz EC

Expérience 1
August 21, 2019, 17:00 - 23:00
DJ set: 20:30 - 23:00
France-born, Ecuador-based DJ and producer Nicola Cruz
Cumbia-influenced percussive explorations, expressive re-edits of Afro-Latin source material, and buoyant, sun-drenched dub excursions
ZZK Records, Multi Culti
Siku (2019)
Cruz’s most recent remix is of a fellow MUTEK performer, Buenos-Aires born collaborator Uji; he also plays live with visual artist Fidel Eljuri on Saturday night
Mexico: 2016, Buenos Aires: 2017, Japan: 2018
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Committed to remodelling the folkloric roots of the past into a contemporary electronic framework, Nicola Cruz’s sun-soaked original productions are matched only by his fluid proficiency as a DJ, where he brings a dreamlike, dubby buoyancy to his vast collection of re-edits and re-workings from South America and beyond.

Cruz catapulted to fame through 2015’s debut LP Prender El Alma, whose organic Afro-Latin textures took on a living, breathing life of their own, girded by electronic underpinnings and inspired by the rhythmic sounds of his Ecuadorian heritage. A youth spent moving between France, Quito and Mexico also immersed Cruz in a deep knowledge of multiple musical genres, from early Warp Records albums to late 70’s Afro-Cuban jazz. Synthesizing these vast influences feels like second nature for Cruz, whose DJ sets are lauded for their warmth, spontaneity and depth, connecting the dots between traditional musical knowledges and their modern day electronic expressions. With a keen ear for transmitting emotions to his audiences, Cruz’s selections mix effortlessly - a dubby, dynamic conversation between past, present and future. 

Appearing on MUTEK’s outdoor stage for a free surprise DJ set that’s sure to provoke motion and ignite energy, Cruz’s deft percussive edits, spaced-out remixes and syncopated updates of South American classics provide a kinetic conversation between cultures, dance floor and performer.


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