Nocturne 5
August 24, 2019, 22:00 - 06:00
VJ: 02:40 - 05:50
Montréal-based VJ and multimedia director, also a member of audiovisual collective AVX Lab
Brightly hued real-time projection mapping and holographic special effects, ultra-textured beat-synced illuminations
Bun Bun adds distinct artistic vision into the mix every week as a resident VJ at Montréal's Salon Daome
Montréal: 2018, 2016; MAPP MTL x MUTEK: 2017
Official Website

In wildly kinetic and colourful projection mapping, video, laser lighting and LED stage displays, BunBun concocts a visual carnival embedded in electronic music. BunBun has performed live at international festivals such as Bass Coast, Eclipse, Igloofest, Valhalla Sound Circus and AIM as well as festival afterparties and local underground events, reflecting the beat and mood of the music and elevating the audiovisual experience for event goers. At MUTEK, BunBun adds a uniquely animated, high-energy ingredient to Saturday night's captivating sounds.


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