• Kazuya Nagaya
  • Tim Hecker & Konoyo Ensemble


The festival’s signature, multi-sensorial series A/Visions moves into the stately and distinguished concert hall of the Maisonneuve Theatre in the Place des Arts.

Where the focus is usually on cutting-edge audiovisual works, Wednesday night will kick off the series with X/Visions, a variation meant to differentiate a lineup devoid of screens and projections, but teeming with theatrical sights and sonics. Tim Hecker & Konoyo Ensemble meld the ancient instrumentation and composition style of imperial Japanese gagaku court music with contemporary electronic flair, creating a heightened conversation between eras—and between the acoustic and digital. Composer Kazuya Nagaya opens the concert surrounded by over 200 traditional Japanese instrument bowls, whose sacred properties and resonances he distills through his laptop.

August 21, 2019 20:00 - 22:00

$38.00 in advance (tx & sc included)

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Théâtre Maisonneuve



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