• Alexandra Ketchum - McGill University
  • Rumman Chowdhury - Accenture AI

Keynote: Algorithmic Colonialism

As AI technologies are integrated in the global south, we risk repeating the problems of the past by creating extractionary industrial practices. Historically, resource-rich African nations have not seen the benefits of their riches; the 'resource curse' research highlights how these nations traditionally have high levels of corruption and poorly developed local economies.

Today's new 'resource' is data. The rise of the African Tech sector has been spurred by significant investment by industry, and in particular, Chinese AI companies. How can we use this new wave of AI development to address, rather than import, the issues that arise with the implementation of AI? How can we structure the implementation of this technology to help local African economies flourish? This talk is an early-stage review of ongoing research with with Abeba Birhane, PhD student at University of Dublin.

As part of the Feminist and Accessible Publishing/ Communications/ and Technologies Practices Speaker and Workshop Series

August 21, 2019 11:00 - 12:00
Presented by
  • Logolandr_blue
In collaboration with
  • Mcgill_gris_copie

Studio 1



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