• Valérie Bécaert - Element AI
  • Ash Koosha
  • Helena Nikonole
  • Mat Chivers

Panel: Whose Art Is It? Authorship and Agency in Algorithmic Art

Computer-generated art has been a relatively obscure area of research and production—even though the creative applications of artificial intelligence date back to the earliest days of the term. In recent months, the auction sale of the AI-art piece Portrait of Edmond Belamy at Christie’s, in Paris, for US$432,500 caused a deep-seated reflection about the meaning of art-making, original ideas, and authenticity. This panel brings together artists who have worked with AI as collaborators, as tools or efficient helpers, in order to discuss the role algorithms and machine learning play in their artistic practice. The discussion addresses questions of agency, autonomy and authorship, and asks: to what extent are AI artworks relying on mimicry of human artefacts, and will this “new” kind of art change the experience of artists and audiences?"

August 21, 2019 13:00 - 14:15
Presented by
  • Logolandr_blue
In collaboration with
  • Element_ai_full_logo_grey_cmyk

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