• Jeff Waye - Third Side Music
  • Marc Brown - Byta
  • Miroslav Wiesner - Surefire

Making It: Industry Issues

A series of insightful presentations from industry insiders and professionals.

Miroslav Wiesner: Call My Agent? Artist Representation in an Age of Creative Independence
Founder of Surefire Agency in San Francisco, Miro has been administrating shows for an eclectic array of experimental and left-field artists since 2008. Surefire's approach to talent buying is more holistic than corporate agencies - designed to better serve the needs of fringe artists who may not be able to employ a traditional full team. His presentation will be focused on the nuts and bolts of a booking agent's role and why that role is still relevant to independent artists in the age of DIY creation and production.

Jeff Waye: Music Publishing & Licensing
Third Side Music represents over 55, 000 titles by a wide variety of artists. We were founded in 2005 and are staffed by a large team of hard-working music industry veterans, musicians, and copyright data obsessives. Third Side Music is a transparent and equitable destination for career musicians. A company founded on a deep and solid DIY attitude that treats artists as partners and not as commodities.

This event takes place in English.

Marc Brown: Digital Distribution

Byta is “the platform for music before it’s on streaming services”. Run as a distributed team across 3 different continents, Byta allows everyone to send & receive digital audio in a clean and simple way.

August 24, 2019 14:15 - 15:45

Studio Danse

Digi Lab


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