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How music festivals are responding to the climate emergency [10:30]
New on RA.

Reflections on Tbilisi [5:38]
Giorgi Kikonishvili and Mari Kurtanidze are two ravers and LGBT activists who grew up in Tbilisi. In these two monologues, they reflect on the extraordinary role Tbilisi's nightlife played in their lives.

The role of South African dance music during apartheid [9:35]
How the optimistic sounds of Bubblegum, Afro-synth and Kwaito helped inspire resistance to repression.

Terre Thaemlitz excerpt [3:54]
Unreleased footage.

See What I Hear [16:28]
Murlo, Pan Daijing and MUTEK director Alain Mongeau all feature in this film about the audiovisual realm of electronic music.

Techno protest excerpt [3:55]
Unreleased footage.

Sebastian Mullaert's Circle Of Live [17:17]
From Rostanga, Sweden to Baskerville Hall in Wales, we tell the story of the first performance from Sebastian Mullaert's live collective.

Real Scenes excerpt [7:09]
Unreleased footage.

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August 24, 2019 12:00 - 18:00
Free / RSVP required

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