Room 00 – Joanie Lemercier


The new Room series is made of minimal structures, part of an ongoing research about geometry and architecture. This is a study on the use of multiple plans as a way to structure space, compartmentalizing it thus creating volumes. The simplicity of lines enhances the beauty of light: reflecting, diffracting, scattering, and the way light unfolds in many ways within a finite space. Light projections create illusions of depth and volume, questioning the nature of our own perception of reality.

In the light canvases’ body of work, precise light beams pass over an array of structures printed on a flat surface. Darkness and illumination alternates to create an immersive three-dimensional experience transforming our sense of space. As Edward Rothstein wrote in the NY Times in 2011 in an article called When Pictures Leap to Other Screens, there really is a thrill to these experiments. You are amazed at the technology while being entranced by the effects. Moving images, though the familiar substance of experience, have only been created in recent centuries. They seem more real than still images, but are more artificial in themselves, even unsettling; they resemble experience but seem divorced from it, even supplanting it. And while a still image proclaims permanence, a moving image is evanescent. Whatever the medium, it also has unusual power to affect perceptions and inspire amazement”.

Production: Juliette Bibasse

Venue: Studios des 7 Doigts, 2111, boul. Saint-Laurent
Free Admission: August 23 and 24, 12pm to 8 pm

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