Cloud Bodies - Allison Moore


CLOUD BODIES is a generative animation using volumetric capture of two dancers merging with the point clouds of photo-scanned landscapes. The virtual bodies morph with topographical scans from the natural world. Geometric metadata gathered from real environments are processed into point clouds, which then reconstruct the shape and size of the environment into a virtual model. The scanning process creates a volumetric image of the surface.  A similar process of volumetric capture records the movement of bodies in space. The use of photo-scanning to generate 3D virtual spaces signals to a hyper-archive of the future. What is the bodies relationship to these virtual and physical spaces?

Artist Concept & Direction: Allison Moore
Dancers: Fia Grogono & Alex Jolicoeur

Venue: Studios des 7 Doigts, 2111, boul. Saint-Laurent
Free Admission, August 23 and 24, 12pm to 6pm

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