April 29, 2020

Just over a month ago, we set off on a trip through time and space with our #MUTEKStayHomeSeries. Every day, we delve into the archives from MUTEK’s various editions around the world, inviting you to (re)discover musical performances, discussions on social issues, and intriguing tech innovations.

You can check out our selection below, updated weekly, and take a look at our Facebook page for all the latest releases.

While waiting for more details about our upcoming edition, you can be sure that the whole team is committed to bringing you an event that respects social distancing measures. This will require a few more days of careful reflection, and we really appreciate your patience and loyalty. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with us via any of our online platforms—we love hearing from you. We hope to have encouraging news for you soon!



MUTEKLIVE099 : Project Pablo – MUTEK 2015
MUTEKLIVE148 : Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – MUTEK.AR 2017
MUTEKLIVE197 : Nueve Vidas & Rimiyoho – MUTEK.MX 2018
MUTEKLIVE207 : Johanna Knutsson – MUTEK 2019
MUTEKLIVE229 : Another Paradise (Francesco Tristano & Guti) – MUTEK.AR 2018



AtomTM & Tobias – Boiler Room x MUTEK.MX 2015
Nihar + Subset – MUTEK.SF 2019
Stefan Goldmann – MUTEK.AR 2019
Takami Nakamoto & Sebastien Benoits – Boiler Room x MUTEK.MX 2015
Uji – MUTEK.AR 2019



20 years of female:pressure – Keychange :: Amplify Symposium x MUTEK_IMG 4
Algorithmic Colonialism / Rumman Chowdhury – MUTEK_IMG 5
Amplify Digital Arts Initiative – MUTEK.ES 2020
City Everywhere / Liam Young – MUTEK_IMG 4
Introduction to TouchDesigner – MUTEK.JP 2018
Power Chords: Booking and Managing our Way to Better Representation – MUTEK.ES 2020
Q&A: Herman Kolgen – MUTEK.JP 2016
Q&A: Robin Fox – MUTEK.JP 2016
Q&A: Simon Wilkinson (CiRCA69) – MUTEK.AR 2017
Q&A: Tomoko Sauvage – dublab.es x MUTEK.ES 2020
Resident Advisor presents "The Recent Rise of Queer Culture in Barcelona" – MUTEK.ES 2020
Short film on MUTEK Mexico Edition 13


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