A Standing Ovation for our Public!

June 09, 2010
A Standing Ovation for our Public!

With the 11th edition coming to a close, we are particularly proud of how the festival was received this year. All told, MUTEK unfolded as cleanly as a Swiss watch, with a revolving line-up of high-calibre international talent filling diverse and superior showcases attended by consistently attentive and enthusiastic audiences.

The recipient of the 25th Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal, MUTEK 2010 aimed for the highest stratosphere of the standards that came with the honour and once again delivered a flawless edition that will no doubt leave many enduring souvenirs in the minds of all its participants.

MUTEK 2010 will be remembered most as a theatre of superb musical discoveries. Among the many surprises that played the stages this year were German live-electronics trio BRANDT BRAUER FRICK, who delivered a blistering Sunday night set that manged to rekindle the energy levels of every one in the room; GUILLAUME COUTU DUMONT & THE SIDE EFFECTS, who set the Metropolis on fire during Saturday’s jam-packed all-nighter; and young newcomers like the charming NICOLAS JAAR and the melanchloic, surreal JON HOPKINS. Meanwhile MORITZ VON OSWALD and NURSE WITH WOUND stood out brightest amidst a strong showing by veteran artists, delivering sets that managed to put their long and illustrious careers into new perspective. For sheet amiability, MATMOS ravished the festival with an opening night performance that was at once refreshing and inspiring. TIM HECKER and BEN FROST showed that noise and experimental rock were by no means incompatible bedfellows. Sunday’s Piknic, moved to the Metropolis on account of rain, saw PÉPÉ BRADOCK erase the memories of everyone there and hypnotize audiences into forgetting where they were for three hours straight.

Despite a capricious weather forecast, the EXTRA_MUROS program of outdoor media art and installations by PHILIPP GEIST, MELISSA MONGIAT and MOUNA ANDRAOS was frequented by more than 40,000 people. Meanwhile, MUTEK’s first major outdoor concert was an undeniable success, attracting a wide-ranging 10,000 spectators to the Place des Festivals in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles. Everyone there agreed: the performance by SEÑOR COCONUT & HIS ORCHESTRA, featuring the suave vocals of Argenis Brito, was a stellar first volley in planting MUTEK’s flag right in the center of the city for all to see. Special mentions go out to LE GOLDEN for the assured performance that opened the night. With all its different initiatives in outdoor programming, MUTEK demostrated that it could leave its special fingerprint on the Quartier des Spectacles by putting digital creativity on the centre stage.

We would like to thank all of the artists, partners, volunteers and friends that supported this 11th edition. Above all, the MUTEK team thanks its core public, who have invited the festival into their way of life and who adhere and trust the vision of its programmers. A standing ovation for MUTEK 2010’s public!


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