MUTEK 2011 Call for Proposals

Guidelines and how to submit

October 07, 2010
MUTEK 2011 Call for Proposals
Want to take part in MUTEK 2011?

MUTEK is constantly on the lookout for new projects and proposals from artists that explore new directions and strive to push the boundaries of digital and electronic creativity. Over the years the festival has always offered a variety of cultural experiences, combining:
  • live acts
  • multimedia projects
  • audiovisual performances
  • Canadian talent
Additionally, this year we are undertaking a theme of Festival as Lab, to reflect  the current positioning of the ICAS network's European members within a multi-year cooperative project codenamed 'Unknown Future' (ICAS is a global network of likeminded festivals dedicated to the advancement of digital arts and sound cultures).

The Festival as Lab theme explores festivals as experimental spaces or laboratories where we can explore and play with future art, music and ideas. We encourage submissions for projects that take the form of an experiment, a prototype or a trial of a new type of art object, technology or form of participation, and that make use of the setting of the festival in an inventive way.

While traditionally MUTEK does not appropriate themes for its activities, the Lab theme will serve as an undercurrent and inspiration for the 2011 year in order to explore the perception and place of the festival on local and international scales, and to further cooperation and exchange within the ICAS network. Please note however that submissions to MUTEK 2011 are not restricted to this theme.

We strongly encourage applicants to accompany their submissions with live recordings of their performances. Please note that as MUTEK is dedicated to presenting live performances, DJ mixes are not considered.

The submission deadline for all MUTEK 2011 proposals is December 1, 2010, though we strongly encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible,  as by November we are already piecing together our program.

Send your proposals, demos, links and other relevant information by email to or by regular mail to:

Submissions 2011
473 boul Saint-Joseph Est
Montréal (Québec) H2J 1J8

Please note that we cannot confirm the receipt of packages. Artists will be contacted if they have been selected to perform at the festival. We would like to thank all candidates in advance for their interest.

The 12th edition of MUTEK will take place June 1 - 5, 2011 in Montreal.

Photo by Caroline Hayeur


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