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November 02, 2010
MUTEK @ OSM in Review


On Saturday October 16th MUTEK was proud to host a first-time encounter where electronic and classical music collided. Joining forces with KENT NAGANO and the OSM, the night saw veteran electronic music producer THOMAS FEHLMANN take the stage with a group of OSM musicians to perform a live reinterpretation of Mahler's Symphony #1 "Titan" as well as an original work by FEHLMANN.


Kent Nagano and the OSM opening the night

Maestros Kent Nagano and Thomas Fehlmann


THOMAS FEHLMANN, a veteran of electronic music going all the way back to the early 80s  with new wave band Palais Schaumberg and who later garnered fame through his involvement with The Orb, was a perfect choice to mingle with select players from the OSM. The pairing was not just mere string accompaniement - FEHLMANN processed and mixed the musicians live on the spot, before taking over with a rollicking set of his lush dub disco.



Thomas Fehlmann performing with OSM musicians



The evening took a turn towards warehouse-style nights when SUBSTANCE & VAINQUEUR took to the stage. Throughout,  BAILLAT CARDELL ET FILS took care of the lighting design and visuals, filling the space with a pulsing ambience and lots of emotional imagery.




We were extremely impressed with how THOMAS FEHLMANN and the OSM musicians handled very tight deadlines in order to conceive, rehearse and deliver an original and complex work, and would like to wholeheartedly thank them for the energy they dedicated to this evening. While we kept the programming on the cautious side this first time, feedback from the artists was positive, if not requesting more prolonged opportunities to create and perform together. The success and knowledge stemming from this first encounter has given us many ideas on how to pursue and develop similar concepts, and we're already looking forward to offering you new surprises in the future!


Event review (French only)

Event background articles (French only)


We would like to thank the OSM for this memorable first experience, and Molson M, Solotech, Sennheiser and the Goethe-Institut for making this event possible through their generous support.

Photos by Miguel Legault

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